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I am Muse 



Poetry Heals

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Poems are Time Capsules



Dear Poet
(Available in 2 colors)

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Poems are Time Capsules


Poetry Heals


I am Muse 


Dear Poet
(Available in 2 colors)

Poems, Prompts, & Purpose Card Deck​

Do you need some inspiration? These cards are here to motivate you to write, self-reflect, and set goals. We all need reminders sometimes to get us focused. You are a creator. You are a writer. Your story is important! Write it! This deck of cards include affirmations, quotes, and prompts for writers of all levels and all types. Edited by Jaime Woody

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Poems, Prompts, and Purpose Card Deck for Writers

Textual Time Capsules was released on 11-11-21. It featured at #2 in the Hispanic-American Poetry New Releases and #10 on the Top 100 Caribbean and Latin America Poetry List on Amazon in the first four weeks of its release.
In Textual Time Capsules, each poem captures a moment in time. They reflect stories, scars, sacrifices, and lessons learned from sages, strangers, family, friends, lovers, and liars. These vulnerable experiences are necessary for growth. Crossing paths with one another is no coincidence. Edited by Charlie Vasquez. Cover design by Melissa L. Robinson.

"Karina Guardiola-López's poems are redirected rhythms for the righteous. Requiems offering relief from the grief and greed of a globe gone astray. When chaos is at a premium we need poets to create slivers of solitude where words win and truth can once again stand for something..."
– reg e gaines, Tony award-winning playwright, poet, and director

"Karina Guardiola-López’s poetry blurs the lines between time and space. Each poem transports readers into the bittersweet, intimate moments between family, friends, lovers, and liars and asks us to focus on the fine details of a life worth living."
–Peggy Robles-Alvarado, BRIO award winner, poet, and director

"Karina Guardiola-López's poetry in Textual Time Capsules attests to how ancestors through their teachings, lead the way. She the poet listens and pays it forward."
–Vanessa Chica, Founder of The Word Box, poet, and playwright

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