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Performance at the National Black Theatre, Harlem New York

Karina has developed multiple forms of expressive outlets including workshop facilitation, poetry readings, plays, and publishing for the youth, her community, and now worldwide. She has served a poetry judge for Urban Word NYC, Children's Aid Society, and Hostos Community College. She is currently the social media manager and tech support of the National Association for Poetry Therapy (NAPT). 


Reading at the 9th Annual Poetry Festival in Govenors Island, New York

Karina Guardiola-Lopez, MSED, is a poet, writer, educator, author of Textual Time Capsules, Jewtina Journals, and co-author of Live Big Girl. Her poetry has been published worldwide including the U.S., Australia, and the Philippines. Her works have appeared in For Women who Roar, Writing For Peace, Great Weather for Media, The Scrib Arts Journal, Indolent Books, Acentos Review, LaLiberta Online, and many other publications. She has featured at The NYC Poetry Festival at Governor's Island, The National Black Theatre, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Bowery Poetry Club, The Bronx Museum, and many other locations. She currently has a collection of poetic stickers, magnets and a card deck for writers. See here for more details.

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Karina is the founder of The Pen, Pad, and Poet series which includes publishing, poetry workshops, and performance for teens. The series has evolved into a resource page on Facebook called Pens, Pads and Poets and workshops have now been included for adults since 2020. See more info regarding workshops here WORKSHOPS

Karina served as a writer, actor, and author of the play and book Live Big Girl. Live Big Girl was a poetic play based on living in a body that isn't always celebrated. The show sold out at the National Black Theater, BAAD Theater, and The Tank Theaters. Readings were also conducted at various venues including Capicu Culture, York College, and at the NYC Poetry Festival at Governor's Island. For more info visit l

Book signing in Queens, New York

Age 2 in Brooklyn, New York City


Live Big Girl play at the National Black Theater, Harlem, New York

Full BIO:
Karina Guardiola -Lopez, is a Honduran American, Jewtina who was born in the Bronx, raised in Queens, and resides in East Harlem. She writer, author, poet, actor, poetry judge, playwright, and educator from New York City. 
She has been writing and performing for over 20 years and has authored several books including Textual Time Capsules,  Jewtina Journals, and Live Big Girl. Her books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, and 
Karina has been published in various magazines, anthologies, and websites and has also featured at various venues including The NYC Poetry Festival at Governor's Island, Bowery Poetry Club, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, and many other locations. Click here for full information on interviews, performances, and publications.


Karina is a former elementary, middle, and high school educator with over 18 years of experience. She now works with college students for the City University of New York (CUNY) as a Student Success Coach. Karina not only serves as a Success Coach but is also the social media manager and college assistant supervisor within her department. She has obtained her MSED from Baruch College in Higher Education Administration.

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Performance at the National Black Theatre, Harlem New York

Facilitating the Live Big Girl Workshop at ID Studio, Bronx New York


Karina was once told by a high school guidance counselor that she was not "college material" and that she should drop out of school and get a GED. While Karina was disheartened by her counselor's words, she used the negativity as fuel for motivation. As a result, Karina now has three college degrees and is an educator who is passionate about education and professional development .

 Karina has taught many of her students to use their fists to move their pens and not for fighting. This motto has inspired her quote, "Purge on the Page, Poetry Heals." This quote is now part of her sticker and magnet collection. See here

Karina's favorite quote is "Nothing is impossible, the word says I'm possible" by Audrey Hepburn. It is a quote often used in her workshops and speeches.