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Meditation and Writing Workshop in honor of World Meditation day with Michele Antoine, LMHC. Participants shared their most readable element, meditated, wrote poems, shared their works and at the end learned a few American Sign Language words related to the elements of nature. May 2022

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Individual American Sign Language (ASL) Workshops include learning and understanding that ASL is not a universal language.  and it has it's own rules and grammar system, separate from that of the English language. Participants get a crash course and learn about the ASL alphabet, numbers, colors, animals, introduction terms, identity terms, facial expressions and building sentences.  May 2022

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My Writing Workshop and Open Mic hosted by House of Art. Writers and poets from Canada, Florida, New York, Virginia, California, and more participated in this amazing event.  January 13, 2022.​

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My Poet's Corner Workshop hosted by One Group with poets from Australia, England, New Zealand and U.S. (California, Maryland, New York etc.) writing and sharing at Poet's Corner in September 30,  2021.​

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NAPOMO 4-3-21 Writing Workshop in honor of National Poetry Month with poets from California, New Jersey & New York. April 3, 2021


Live Big Workshop with a community of writers, poets, and authors at ID Theater Space, Bronx New York, April 2018

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Photo from the Virtual B.A.R.S One on One  Workshop with guest speaker, poet, and MC, Mala Fama. August  2020


Youth Open Mic Night with students and poetry mentors including El David, Tamara Saliva, Katalina Rodriguez, Maria Aponte, Vanessa Chica, Peggy Robles-Alvarado, and many others in Harlem. April 2014


American Sign Language Workshop at Children's Aid Society, with 11 and 12th graders in 2015. 


American Sign Language Workshop with middle school students at Stanley Houses in East Harlem,2014. 

Elements of Hip-hop Workshop with guest facilitator, Chilo at Children's Aid Society in 2014

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