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Writing an Essay

Writing with Purpose

This workshop is for writers who struggle with journaling, thought process, and over all writing. This workshop is geared to those who want to write about difficult situations and stories but need guidance in the process. Topics on healing and self discovery are covered in this workshop. The goal is to write, release, reflect ,and heal. Available for individual sessions. NEW PROMPTS INCLUDED. I will be using my Poems, Prompts, and Purpose Card Deck for this workshop.

Available by request



Interactive Sensory Poetry

This workshop provides unique ways to use interactive and sensory prompts. Writers will experiment and engage with tactile, visual, olfactory, and audio prompts, while also learn how to explore gustatory and kinesthetic senses. Using sensory develops imagery to provide vivid mental images in your work. 

Available by request


Grammer Editing

 Feedback for Revision Workshop

This workshop is for new or beginner writers needing assistance with their poetry. This workshop is geared for first draft writing. Once you write a poem, it is not complete. Take it to the next level. We may work on structure, line breaks, word choice and tone. 

*This is not an editing workshop, editing is needed after proofreading and revision is complete for publication . Referral to editors are available upon request. 

Available by request


Laptop Infographic

Steps to Self-Publishing

This workshop is for writers who are interested in learning the steps to completing a manuscript for publication. It will also include tips on proofreading, revision, and edit for hire, copyright information, and the difference between traditional publishing and self publishing. The workshop with have prompting questions to gauge the level of writing, workshops attended, and completion of manuscript.

Available by request

Hip Hop



B.A.R.S. stands for Believe, Achieve, Receive Succeed. This workshop is for beginner MCs and lyricists looking to learn the techniques of writing a16-bar rhyme. Students may also learn about breathing techniques, stage presence, and self-confidence. A short introduction of Hip hop may be presented. Ages 14 and up.

Available by Request

Hip hop


Elements of HipHop

In this workshop students learn the elements of MCing, Djing, Graffiti, Breakdance and Beatboxing with guest facilitators.  Students will also learn about sampling and ciphering. Music and videos are used in this workshop. Ages 14 and up.

Currently Unavailable



Live Big Girl

The Live Big Girl Writing Workshop is based on The Live Girl poetic play about three women with their different and not-so-different experiences of living in a body that is not celebrated. There is root deep digging towards self-awareness, Self- acceptance, and self-love. Co-facilitated with: Vanessa Chica and Rebeca Lois Lucret


Currently Unavailable




In this workshop, participants create and infuse words into art by using mediums such as paint and collages. This is where poetry and art meet. 

Available in March virtually in collage form only

Currently Unavailable



Pens, Pads, and Poets

Pens, Pads a Poets was founded in 2010 as a workshop series, mentoring program, and teen open mic for youth ages 12-18. It then became an anthology that was published in 2015. It has evolved into a Resource group on Facebook as well as a virtual space for writers 16 and up.

Currently Unavailable



Write Now:
Beginner Writers

This workshop is for beginner writers who want to write but don't have the time to do it.  Also for writers who are not confident in their works who need some encouragement and guidance. Get tips on time management, confidence, purpose, and self-reflection. The imposter syndrome,  is real but in this workshop, it is not welcomed! You are a writer and you have a story to tell. Available for group and individual sessions.

Currently Unavailable



American Sign Language 101

This is a crash course workshop, on the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) including the ASL alphabet, numbers, colors, finger spelling and sentence structure. May interact with a deaf co-facilitator.


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